Using the Global Search

1. Introduction

The Fivestar global search is a key feature in the header and homepage. It provides users a streamlined method to discover highlights across the platform.

2. Accessing the Global Search

Where to Find:

  • Header: No matter where you navigate within Fivestar, the global search can always be accessed in the header.
    navigation menu
  • Homepage: As you land on our main page, the search bar is also available immediately.
    Home screen

3. Understanding Search Results

Ranking Mechanism:

  • Keyword Match: The results are ranked based on the number of unique keyword matches. This ensures the most relevant highlight is displayed first.
  • Upload Date: If multiple items have the same number of keyword matches, the order is determined by how recently the highlight was uploaded. The freshest highlight will appear first.

4. Tips for Effective Searching

  • Be Precise: Use specific keywords related to the highlight you’re looking for. For instance, instead of searching for “sports,” you could narrow it down to a specific athlete, sport, or event.
  • Experiment: If your initial keyword doesn’t yield the desired results, try synonyms or related terms.
  • Stay Updated: Since newer highlight appears first (with the same keyword matches), regularly using the global search can help you discover the latest uploads.

Remember: The global search is a powerful tool to navigate Fivestar’s vast library of highlights swiftly. Use it to its full potential to make the most of our platform!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]