Reporting and Moderating Highlights

1. Introduction

As our platform continues to grow so does our responsibility to ensure a safe and respectful environment for creators and users alike. Fivestar includes a robust highlight reporting and moderation system. Here’s how it works.

2. How Users Can Report Highlight

When viewing a highlight, follow these steps:

  • Locate the Ellipsis: On the top right corner of the highlight details section, click on the ellipsis (three dots).
    Reporting screen
  • Select ‘Report’: A dropdown menu will appear; select the “Report” option.
  • Report Highlight Popup:
    • Report Type: Choose the type of claim from the available options (e.g., Intellectual Property Violation).
    • Tell us more: Provide additional context or details.
      Report Content Modal
  • Not Logged In? If you aren’t logged in, you must either sign in or create an account. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the highlight page to finalize your report.

3. The Reporting Process

Once a highlight is reported:

  • The highlight enters the Reported Highlight Queue.
  • Emails are dispatched:
    • Admins receive a notification.
    • The user who reported it is acknowledged.
    • If it’s the second report on the same highlight, the highlight creator is notified, and the highlight is temporarily hidden.
  • Highlights remain accessible to those who purchased them previously but are unavailable for new purchases.
  • If the highlight is in someone’s cart, it gets removed.

4. Admin’s Role in Highlight Moderation

Admins play a pivotal role in maintaining the platform’s integrity.

For Pending Reports, admins can:

  • View detailed report information.
  • Restore the highlight if it’s deemed appropriate.
  • Remove the highlight from Fivestar if the claim is valid.

For Settled Reports, admins can:

  • Review claims that have been addressed.
  • Suspend or restore a creator’s account if necessary.

5. Protecting Highlight Integrity

The same highlight cannot be reported by a user more than once. The first report flags the highlight, but the second report will temporarily hide it pending admin review. Soft deletion is used for removal, ensuring the data remains in our database even if it’s not visible to users.

6. Admin’s Additional Powers

Admins have certain extended privileges:

  • Admins can remove highlights directly, effectively settling a claim immediately.
  • Admins can suspend or restore a creator’s profile directly.

7. Conclusion

Fivestar remains committed to fostering a positive environment for creators and consumers. While we celebrate creativity and expression, we also ensure that our platform remains safe and respectful for all.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]