Navigating Your Order History

1. Introduction

Your Order History on Fivestar offers a comprehensive overview of all past purchases. It’s designed to give you a clear and concise summary of your transactions, with the added functionality to delve deeper into the details of each order. This guide aims to familiarize you with its features.

The order history page

2. Accessing Your Order History

Log into your Fivestar account and head to the ‘Order History’ section. This screen lists all your past orders chronologically, with the most recent purchase displayed first.

3. Understanding Your Order Summary

Each of your orders on the list will showcase:

  • Order Number: A unique identifier for each transaction, useful for reference or if you need to contact our support team.
  • Purchase Date: The exact date when the order was made. It helps you keep track of when you acquired specific highlights.
  • Total Order Price: The combined cost of all items within that order, including discounts or taxes.

4. Delving Deeper with Expand/Collapse Functionality

Next to each order summary, there’s an arrow icon. Clicking this will either expand or collapse the order details.

When expanded, you’re presented with a detailed list of all individual highlights that were part of that order:

  • Highlight Name: The title or name given to the highlight. Clicking on the highlight name will redirect you to its ‘View Highlight’ page, allowing you to re-experience or download it, depending on the platform’s features.
  • Highlight Item ID: A unique identifier assigned to every highlight on Fivestar. Useful for distinguishing between items with similar or identical names.
  • Creator Name: Know who created the highlight. Perhaps you have a favorite creator? This can help you track more of their work.
  • License Type and Price: Details your rights with the acquired highlight and how much you paid for it. Whether for general use or commercial, this ensures clarity on highlight usage.

5. Wrapping Up

Once a video or picture is purchased, the purchased content will be available for download in perpetuity, 

The Order History function is designed to keep you informed and organized. By providing a detailed yet easy-to-navigate overview of all your transactions, Fivestar ensures that you always have a grasp on your purchases and the highlights you own. Happy browsing!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]