Navigating the View Gallery Screen

1. Introduction

The View Gallery screen on Fivestar offers an immersive experience, allowing users to delve deep into a gallery put together by a specific Creator. This guide provides an overview of how to navigate this screen, ensuring you make the most out of your gallery exploration.

2. Gallery Details Area

What You’ll See:

  • Gallery Thumbnail: A primary image representing the essence of the gallery.
  • Gallery Name: This offers a hint into the theme or focus of the gallery.
  • Creator Name: Know the brilliant mind behind the highlight you’re browsing. Clicking on the name might give you more insights into the creator’s other works.
  • Number of Highlights: A quick count letting you know how many individual highlights await your exploration in this gallery.
  • Share Button: Share directly from the View Highlight or View Gallery screens with our intuitive Share button.
    • For Desktop Users:
      • Step 1: Look for the “Share” button when viewing a highlight or gallery.
      • Step 2: Click to reveal a popup with various sharing options.
      • Step 3: Choose from:
        • Email: Launches your default email app with a shareable link.
        • X (Social Media): Opens a login window to share directly on social media platforms.
        • Facebook: Shares the content on your Facebook feed.
        • Copy & Paste: Copy the link to your clipboard for easy sharing anywhere.

      For Mobile Users:

      • Step 1: Tap the “Share” button while viewing a highlight or gallery.
      • Step 2: Access a list of your installed apps to share the content directly.
      • Step 3: Select your preferred app and share your favorite sports moments with a tap.

Tips for Effective Sharing:

    • Personalize Your Message: Add a personal touch when sharing via email or social media to engage your audience.
    • Utilize Copy & Paste: For forums, chats, or other platforms, use the copy functionality to share the link widely.
    • Leverage Social Networks: Use the direct social media buttons for instant posting and increased visibility.

3. Highlight Display Grid

Browsing Through:
The highlight display grid is the heart of the gallery. Videos and photos curated by the creator are laid out for your viewing pleasure.

Searching and Sorting:

  • Keyword Search: If you have a particular type of highlight in mind, utilize the keyword search to narrow down the gallery results.
  • Sort Options: Choose to sort by newest, most popular, or other criteria based on your preferences.

Understanding the Layout:
Each highlight is placed within a well-defined card, showcasing:

  • Thumbnail: A snapshot or the primary frame giving you a sneak peek into the highlight.
  • Title: A brief descriptor of the highlight, limited to 80 characters for clarity.
  • Published Date: Know when this highlight was made live.
  • Creator: A mini profile photo allows for personal touch and quick recognition.
  • Price: The general price tag of the highlight for potential purchasers.

4. Returning to Browse

Back to Broader Horizons:
Enjoyed the gallery but want to explore more? If you landed on the gallery from the main Browse highlight screen, you’d spot the “Back to browse” link in the upper left corner. Click on it, and you’ll be redirected to your previous search results.

Conclusion: The View Gallery screen provides an enriching visual journey, streamlined for ease of use and intuitive browsing. Whether you’re searching for a specific highlight or just casually browsing, Fivestar’s gallery view ensures a rewarding experience. Dive in and discover!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]