Navigating the “View Creator” Screen

1. Introduction

Fivestar’s “View Creator” screen is a comprehensive space to explore and experience individual highlight creators and their creations. This article will guide you through this screen’s various components and functionalities.

2. Accessing the “View Creator” Screen

To access a specific Creator’s profile:

  • Use a direct URL to the Creator’s profile
  • Locate a highlight or gallery attributed to the Creator and click on the Creator’s name or profile photo.
  • Search for a specific Creator in the global search

To access your Creator profile:

  • Use a direct URL to your Creator profile
  • Click on your username in the Account Drawer

3. Features of the “View Creator” Screen

A. Creator Details Area:
  • Profile Picture: A visual representation of the Creator.
  • Username: Creator’s unique identifier on the platform.
  • Number of Videos, Photos, and Galleries: A glance at the Creator’s highlight volume.
  • Creator Name: The full registered name of the Creator.
  • Bio: A brief introduction or about section written by the Creator.
  • Website: Direct link to the Creator’s personal or professional website.
  • Location: Geographical location or base of the Creator.
  • Sports Covered: Specific sports categories the Creator is known to cover or is interested in.
  • Skills: Highlighted professional skills or expertise areas of the Creator.
  • Social Links: Direct icons or links to the Creator’s social media or other online platforms.
B. Highlight/Gallery Display Area:
  • Galleries Display:
    • Display Indicator: The number of galleries displayed out of the total available.
    • Carousel: Scroll through the available galleries. Four galleries are shown at a time. If the creator has more than 4 galleries, a View All option will be available.
    • Gallery Card:
      • Gallery Image: A representative image or thumbnail of the gallery.
      • Title: A brief name or description of the gallery (80 characters max).
      • Created Date: Date when the gallery was made available.
      • Counter: Number of video/photo highlights contained in the gallery.
  • Highlight Display:
    • Display Indicator: Showcases the number of highlight pieces displayed out of the total available.
    • Highlight Grid: Highlights are organized into a grid format – 4 items per row, totaling 16 per page.
    • Highlight Card:
      • Thumbnail: A preview or thumbnail of the highlight.
      • Title: A brief description or name of the highlight (80 characters max).
      • Published Date: When the highlight was uploaded or made available.
      • Price: Highlights on Fivestar are for sale; the price is displayed here (only the general price).

4. Navigating Back to the Main Browse Screen

If you wish to return to the main highlight browsing screen, click the “Back to browse” link. Remember, this link will only appear if you access the Creator’s profile from the main highlight browse screen.

5. Conclusion

The “View Creator” screen offers a deep dive into a Creator’s portfolio, allowing users to immerse themselves in the Creator’s world, understand their expertise, and explore their highlight offerings. Fivestar’s intuitive layout ensures a seamless user experience, bridging the gap between creators and enthusiasts.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]