Navigating the “Account” Drawer

1. Introduction

The “Account” navigation drawer on Fivestar consolidates all the essential user tools and settings in one easily accessible location. Whether you’re a highlight creator or a basic user, this guide will help you seamlessly navigate the options and manage your account efficiently.

2. Accessing the “Account” Drawer

Upon logging into your Fivestar account, locate the ‘Account’ or your profile icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. Clicking on this will open the “Account” navigation drawer.

3. Features of the Account drawer

For All Users:

  • Order History: View a log of all your past purchases, complete with order numbers, dates, and prices.
  • Purchased Content: Browse through the highlight you’ve acquired and access download options based on the resolution and licensing type.
  • Sign Out: Safely log out from your Fivestar account.
For Creators:

  • Creator: Displays the profile overview including:
    • Creator Name: Your registered full name.
    • Creator Username: Your unique username, which other users may use to search and locate your profile. When clicking the username you will be redirected to your profile page.
  • Upload: Direct access to the platform’s upload feature, where creators can add new highlights for sale.
  • Sales Dashboard: A comprehensive view of your sales metrics, earnings, and performance data.
  • Account Info: Manage and edit your personal details.
  • Manage Content: This allows you to review, edit, or delete any uploaded highlights. You can also view insights related to individual highlights.
  • Order History: Shows a record of your orders, including highlights you’ve bought.
  • Purchased highlight: Access all your acquired highlights, complete with download options and licensing details.
  • Sign Out: Safely log out from your Fivestar account.

4. Conclusion

The “Account” drawer is designed to provide you with a centralized hub to manage and navigate through your Fivestar profile and activities. Regardless of your user type, this navigation drawer ensures you have swift and effortless access to all the vital sections of your account. Explore and make the most of your Fivestar experience!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]