Navigating Gallery Playlists


The Gallery Playlist is a dynamic feature that enhances your experience when exploring highlights within a specific gallery. This intuitive tool simplifies browsing the contents of a gallery, allowing seamless navigation through various highlights without leaving the current page.

Gallery Playlist

How It Works:

  • Collapsed View: Get a snapshot of the gallery’s name, creation date, and the total number of highlights with a simple interface.
  • Expanded View: Delve deeper by expanding the view to see all highlights listed by upload date descending, complete with titles and pricing details.
    • The expanded view includes:
    • Top section of the playlist shows the following:
      • Gallery name
      • Gallery creation date
      • Total number of highlights within the gallery
      • Expand/collapse arrow, which collapses to only show the basic gallery details
    • Bottom section of the playlist shows the following:
      • A row for each highlight in the gallery that includes
        • Highlight title
        • Highlight upload date
        • Highlight price (general license)

Note: On mobile, the gallery playlist section will be stacked above the highlight purchase options and below the Share button and is collapsed by default.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]