Managing Your Highlights

1. Overview

On Fivestar, the “Manage Content” section gives creators the autonomy to manage all their uploaded highlights effortlessly.

Manage content screen

2. Layout of the ‘Manage highlight’ screen’

Filter Section:

  • Utilize the search bar to swiftly find highlights based on keywords matched against uploaded highlights’ details.

Table View:

  • Review, select, edit, and delete highlights from an interactive table.
  • Columns: Thumbnail, Title/File Name, Sport, Event, Location, Upload Date, Status, Price
  • Actions: Share, Edit, and Delete

3. Bulk Actions

Handle multiple highlight items simultaneously using Bulk Actions.

Bulk Editing highlight Details:

  • Choose multiple highlight items using checkboxes.
  • Determine the editing type (Add, Replace All, Remove, Publish) and modify the desired fields or publish your selections simultaneously.
    • Add: This function will add new data to the existing fields without overwriting existing data.
    • Replace All: This function will replace any existing data in the existing fields with any new data inputted in the field during bulk editing.
    • Delete: This function will remove any existing data from the field without replacing it with new data.
    • Publish: This function will move any files you’ve selected out of the “Draft” status and move them into the “Published” status. Published highlights are public on Fivestar and are searchable, viewable, and can be purchased, downloaded, and shared. To publish your highlight, it must contain a General Price, Sport, and a Highlight Title. Please make sure all of your highlight details are correct before publishing. If any required fields are missing, you’ll receive an error message indicating what needs to be updated to complete the steps to make your highlights public.

Bulk Add to Gallery:

  • After selecting highlight items, click “Add to Gallery”.
  • Either create a new gallery with the provided fields or include it in an existing gallery.

4. Individual Highlight Editing

Personalize each highlight to ensure it best represents your work.


  • Click on the “Edit” action corresponding to your highlight.
  • Modify details like Title, Description, Price, and others.
  • Use the tagging UI for fields permitting multiple entries.
  • Preview your highlight, checking its link, file name, and thumbnail.
  • For videos, an auto-generated thumbnail is provided. You can upload a fresh thumbnail or revert to the original one if needed.
  • Adjust the highlight’s status between “Draft” and “Publish”.
    • Draft: This will save your current highlight and any data without publicizing it. Highlights in draft status cannot be viewed or purchased until they are published.
    • Publish: Any published highlight can be viewed and purchased on Fivestar. To publish your highlight, it must contain a General Price, Sport, and a Highlight Title.
  • Save changes with the update button. If Save to Draft is selected, the button text will read “Save Draft”. If publish is selected, the button text will read “Publish”

5. Deleting Highlights

If you decide to remove a highlight, proceed with caution.


  • Choose the “Delete” action from the table.
  • A confirmation modal ensures you’re certain about this irreversible action.


  • The File Name acts as the default title until you customize it.
  • Commercial and General prices are denoted side by side, such as $10/$12.
  • Efficiently utilize the bulk editing feature for frequent, repetitive changes.
  • Always preview and verify highlight details before making them public.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]