Managing Your Galleries

1. Overview

On Fivestar, the “Manage Content” section houses a distinct “Galleries” tab, allowing creators to quickly and easily share, add, edit, or remove galleries.

Gallery management screen

2. Navigating the ‘Manage Content → Galleries Tab’ Layout

New Gallery Button:

  • Use this button to commence the creation of a new gallery. It will redirect you to the add/edit gallery screen.

Filter Section:

  • Seek out specific galleries using keywords matching details within your descriptions via the search bar.

Table View:

  • The interactive table permits viewing, modification, and removal of galleries.
  • Columns: Gallery Image, Title, Sport, Event, Location, Created Date, # of Highlights
  • Actions: Share, Edit, and Delete.

3. Gallery Deletion

Erasing a gallery is straightforward, but attention is essential due to potential highlight removal.


  • From the table, opt for the “Delete” action alongside the gallery you wish to remove.
  • A verification modal also presents an option to eliminate highlights exclusively linked to this gallery.

Note: If a highlight is linked to more than one gallery, it will remain intact even if this specific gallery is removed.

4. Gallery Creation & Modification

Personalize each gallery to cater to your needs and maintain a coherent collection.


  • Click “Create Gallery” or select the “Edit” action next to a gallery.
  • Populate or adjust the gallery details such as Gallery Name, Sport, Event, etc.
  • The tagging UI facilitates easy entry for fields permitting multiple data, enhanced by an autocomplete function from prior database entries.
  • You can also insert a unique gallery thumbnail to give a visual identifier to your gallery.
  • Implement changes with the “Create” or “Update” button.


  • Galleries offer an organized way to present related highlights under one banner. Utilize them for specific events or themes.
  • Thumbnails play a pivotal role in representing the essence of your gallery. Choose them wisely.
  • Regularly revisit and adjust your galleries to remain up-to-date and appealing to viewers.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]