Browsing Highlights

1. Overview

Browsing highlights on Fivestar has been made seamless with a dedicated search results page that allows users to sift through various highlight and gallery attributes and results.

Fivestar search screen

2. Initial Search

Global Search:

  • Begin your exploration using the global search bar located on the homepage or the navigation bar on any page on the platform.
  • If you opt for advanced filtering afterward, it refines your search instead of replacing it.

3. Dive Deep with Advanced Filters

Our advanced filtering system is designed to be intuitive and space-efficient.


  • Expand/Collapse: For a cleaner view, each filter option, as well as the whole filtering section, can be expanded or collapsed.
  • Filter Options: Price, Sport, Event, Location, Date, Team/Sponsor, Athlete Name, Jersey Number, Class/Age Group, Tags
  • Reset Option: Reset all the applied advanced filters with ease. Remember, this won’t undo your initial global search.
  • User-friendly feedback: The platform informs you if a search within a filter yields no results.

4. Viewing Your Results

Gallery Display:

Galleries will be showcased in a carousel format. With adequate results, a “view all” option will allow you to see all results. All gallery results will be displayed with the following information.

  • Gallery Thumbnail: A primary image representing the essence of the gallery.
  • Gallery Name: Clearly displayed, this offers a hint into the theme or focus of the gallery.
  • Creator Name: Know the brilliant mind behind the highlight you’re browsing. Clicking on the name might give you more insights into the creator’s other works.
  • Number of highlight Items: A quick count letting you know how many individual pieces of highlight await your exploration in this gallery.

Highlight Display:

Highlight search screen

  • Arrangement: Three highlight items per row and up to 12 per page. Highlight results will display a creator’s thumbnail, highlight title, publication date, creator’s profile photo, and price (general).
  • Clicking on any highlight will allow you to watch the highlight or view more details

5. Mobile Experience Adjustments

For those on-the-go, our mobile interface has been designed to enhance usability:

  • Gallery Carousel: Displays one gallery at a time.
  • Highlight Display: Presents two results side-by-side.
  • Advanced Filtering: When collapsed, no filter icons are visible.


  • Use keywords thoughtfully when deploying the global search to ensure relevant outcomes.
  • Regularly update your filters for refined results.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]